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Best Impact Driver Reviews

If you are a construction professional, chances are you already know that impact drivers took the world by storm, replacing common drills in most places of work. However, if you are a DIY handyman that is new to this whole tool business, you might just be hearing about it. So, what is the difference between drills and impact drivers and do you really need an impact driver if you already own a perfectly good drill? The answer is yes, you need a driver and here is why.

While drills will excel at some jobs, impact drivers provide more rotational torque and add a bit of tapping to the entire process to smooth things along. This is extremely helpful in some cases as it makes it easier to push those screws through the drywall, or unscrew a particularly nasty screw. Operating an electrical impact driver is easy and smooth but keep in mind that they are loud little buggers so wearing ear protection is a necessity if you want to avoid damaging your eardrums. Also, try not to use them in the dead of the night; your neighbors won’t really appreciate it.

Since they excel at their job impact drivers are a must have in any household. We are well aware that there are many different types and sizes of impact drivers so we decided to help you out a bit and point out only the best of each type. Fortunately, if you are here with us you probably already know what you are looking for, but if you are by any chance a newcomer and you can't figure out which is which fear not, we are here to help you out. Since impact drivers are a really versatile tool ​at some point of your life you will need it. The only thing you need to look at is how serious you want your impact driver to be.

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Types of Impact Drivers

There are different types of impact drivers. Some are divided by the angulation they provide, others by the type of power they are run off. The most basic division is between manually and electrically operated impact drivers.

Since we know how difficult it is to choose a tool, especially when you don’t know anything about them, we decided to give you a hand and list four most common types of impact drivers. This guide will briefly explain the benefits of each type so you can make an informed decision when buying one.​

Manual Impact Drivers

Lisle 29200

Manual versions of impact drivers are used in conjunction with a hammer. The design enables you to screw or unscrew bolts that require greater torque than a screwdriver can provide. This is accomplished by hammering the impact driver that will, in turn, rotate thanks to the inner core that is splinted to the outer casing at a curve. This transfers the blow of the impact to the tip that then unscrews or screws a bolt more easily.

Manual impact drivers are used by amateurs and people who do not require a professional-grade tool on a daily basis. The cost of it is relatively low, and it can be a lifesaver in certain situations.

Lisle 29200 Impact Driver Review​

Lisle 29200 3/8" is the strongest manual impact driver on the market. It's made from only the finest steel. This driver is the best solution if you are dealing with frozen, rusted or corroded screws. It is small, compact and portable. It comes in a little toolbox that features all the hex bits you'll ever need.

Features of Lisle 29200

Lisle 29200 weights one pound and it is 10 centimeters long. It is made out of high-quality steel which makes this tool extremely durable and impact resistant. This driver also has specially-made, non-slip handle that allows it to stay firmly in place and protects your hands. It uses magnet technology to make switching different types of bits easier and faster.

  • Design - This impact driver is designed to tackle even the most difficult tasks. Regardless whether you use if for impact sockets or tightening loose screws, it will hold up great. Complete build is solid and durable, capable of taking any hammer hit. Corrosion resistant coating keeps this tool in great shape for years.
  • Compact - It is a great addition to any tool kit, whether you are professional or amateur. Small and light, it doesn't require much space. It is easy to carry around and doesn’t get in your way during complicated jobs.
  • Additional bits - Lisle 29200 comes with 5 different bits; #1, #2, #3, #4 Phillips (cross) bits and 1 flat bit. It also includes 9 millimeters bit holder and 9 millimeters additional bit slot.
Advantages of Lisle 29200

  • Versatile - This impact driver has a standard 9 millimeters bit holder, but comes with an additional holder that allows you to use any bit or tip size. Depending on your needs, this tool can be used to reach hard to get places if you fit it with a longer holder.
  • Easy to use - The best thing about this great product is that it is uncomplicated and fairly simple to use. It doesn't require great force to use it properly. Assemble it in just a few seconds since it uses magnet mechanism to keep hold of any bit or top.
  • Case - This driver comes with its own little tool box. Store it and keep it safe in its box, where you can also find specially made accessories for any work at hand.

Most users were extremely happy and satisfied with this product, but some noted when it's brand new it's very hard to disassemble it. However, it is only natural for it to be a bit hard at the beginning since it was never used before. Our advice is to give it some time. This problem will resolve itself after several projects.

Bottom Line​

Lisle 29200 3/8" Hand Impact Tool Set is an amazing, handy tool kit. Easy and compact, it will make a great addition to your tool collection. Highly durable and affordable we can guarantee that you will be very happy with this product.​

Corded Electrical Impact Drivers

Black & Decker BDEDMT

When it comes to impact drivers that professionals use, you will notice that they are mostly electrical. This is because they get the job done faster. Corded impact drivers are something you will most likely see in an auto-repair shop. Mostly they are used in shops where electricity is readily available.

They will often perform better than their cordless counterparts and they have the added benefit of never running out of juice. As long as the electricity is flowing, they will keep on working, which is more than we can say for the cordless variety.

Black & Decker BDEDMT Impact Driver Review

Black & Decker BDEDMT is an electrically powered, corded impact driver. It is extremely versatile and suited for different types of jobs such as drilling, screwing, cutting, and even sanding. Depending on which attachment you are using this power tool can replace any other you have in your tool box. This driver is compact, lightweight and it comes with 7 ft. long cord which allows high maneuverability.

Features of Black & Decker BDEDMT​

Black & Decker BDEDMT weighs 4 pounds and has 4.0 Amp motor that generates enough power for any project. This tool is capable of handling any type of work, whether you are an amateur or professional constructor. Speed is regulated with the grip on the trigger and can reach 1200 RPM. To avoid overdriving and stripping, this driver has an eleven position clutch which will help you control and regulate rotation.​

  • Air circuit - To prevent overheating, this power tool has specially made air holes. They keep constant airflow through the mechanism which systematically cools down the whole driver.
  • Rotation control - Having 11 clutch options that are easy to adjust, you will keep all your screws safe from overdriving and stripping. Control the speed with a nicely designed trigger that perfectly corresponds to your used force. All that is within the reach of your thumb.
  • Matrix connect system - This quick connection system is making a revolution in the power tool world. If you ever wanted to have one power tool for any job, then this driver is your best choice. This tool can replace any impact driver, drill, saw sander or cuter. All you need to have for easy and fast switching is a corresponding attachment.
Advantages of Black & Decker BDEDMT

  • Compact - This driver is small and portable, and easily fits in your bag or toolbox. You can always have it by your side whether you are at work doing some heavy tasks or at home doing small fixes and adjustments around the house. Even though it's corded, this great tool provides more than enough maneuverability.
  • Durable - Black & Decker BDEDMT is made out of high-level plastic in combination with steel. This plastic material is heat resistant and provides great shock absorption which means it will lessen any additional strain on your hand while using it.
  • Ergonomic - This driver is designed for one hand usage. It has a well-curved handle that fits in any hand, with a non-slip material coating. Trigger and reverse drive regulator are easily reachable with only one finger. Time-consuming jobs won't leave your hand tired if you decide to use this tool.

Almost all buyers are extremely happy with this product, but some noted that all attachments except driver/drill need to be bought separately. Having that in mind, from a financial aspect, you still save a great amount of money since you aren't buying a whole new power tool that is expensive.

Bottom line​

Black & Decker BDEDMT Matrix AC Drill/Driver is the best, corded power tool on the market. Thanks to its versatility, this driver allows you to get the most for your money. No matter which job you have in store for this tool, it will provide you with high-quality service every single time.​

Cordless Impact Drivers


Cordless drivers are the most popular impact drivers on the market currently. This is because they appeal to a larger consumer base. Most DIY handymen will opt to buy a cordless driver because it is easier to maneuver and it doesn’t have a cord that can be restrictive at times.

One thing to consider when buying a cordless driver; they are portable, convenient and overall great, but if you are not carrying a spare battery around then they can easily become a useless dead weight. Depending on the type of job you are handling, the battery will dry out faster or slower. Make sure you have an additional battery close by so you can continue working without a delay.

DEWALT DC970K-2 Impact Driver Reviews

DEWALT DC970K-2 18-Volt Compact Drill/Driver is a cordless impact driver that offers great versatility and portability. It is small and lightweight, making it easy to transport in your tool kit. Although it's small, this impact driver has a great amount of power stored in its 380 Watt motor. Whether you need to fasten small screws around the house or you need to drill a big hole in the wall, this driver can help you with both.

Features of DEWALT DC970K-2​

DEWALT DC970K-2 18-Volt Compact Drill/Driver weighs only 5 pounds when fully assembled and battery added. This driver is powered by the 18V XRP battery allowing you to use it 15 hours or more without stopping. It features two-speed options easily adjusted so you can tackle any job at hand.​

  • Clutch - 17 different clutch options will give you more versatility than any other power tool on the market. With its 0.5-inch plastic chuck this driver can handle any project with ease. It allows complete control on the job.
  • Keyless chuck - This chuck is made out of a sturdy plastic material capable of handling any job. Its size is 0.5 inch which makes it easy to switch between drill bits and fastening tips. It has precise hold mechanism that will keep your hands safe when taking of any bit or fastener, but will hold them tight while working.
  • Speed – With its 380-watt motor, this power tool is the strongest impact driver on the market. The same motor that gives power also provides with high-speed rotations. But, to protect your small screws from overdriving or save your time from long drilling, you can choose between two different rotation speeds. First speed range is 0-450 RPM for smaller tasks and the second speed range is 0-1500 RPM for bigger tasks that involve stronger materials.
Advantages of DEWALT DC970K-2

  • Portable - Easy to carry around the house and workplace, it's only natural to assume that this power tool will be incorporated into your daily routine. Since it's small and light, you can keep it close by, but it is also easy to store if you don’t have a particular use for it during a job.
  • Battery - This driver comes with two 18 volt NiCAD batteries capable of providing you with 15 hours of running power or more. The battery is fully charged in an hour or less, but if you leave it in the charger longer you don't have to fear of damaging it since the charger has a tune-up protection mode.
  • Ergonomic - Easy and light, this driver allows you to do jobs with ease. It is highly adjustable with one hand giving your other hand freedom for any kind of surface support. Since it is very light, time-consuming jobs won't leave you tired when using it.

A lot of buyers stated that they are extremely satisfied with this product, but some noted problems with the plastic chuck, which is not measuring up to their expectations as much as the steel ones do. With that said, we assure you that as long as you stay within the limitations of this great power tool all your tasks will be done quickly and easily.

Bottom Line​

DEWALT DC970K-2 18-Volt Compact Drill/Driver Kit is one of the best power tool investments that you can treat yourself to. It's cost efficient and with that in mind that makes this product even more desirable. Whether you are assembling small cabinets for your kitchen or drilling a big hole in your garage for new tool shelf, this cordless impact driver/drill will provide you plenty of power so you will be done in no time at all!​

Right-angle Impact Drivers

Craftsman 9-17562 Nextec

These impact drivers are unique thanks to how conveniently they can do some jobs that regular drivers will struggle with. The main difference between them and regular impact drivers is that the part where the torque is released (aka the part where the driver does its dirty work) is placed at a right angle. This allows you to reach some harder-to-get-to places more easily.

They are mostly electrically powered, but you might be able to find some that work on compressed air. We recommend electrical right-angle impact drivers - they are more convenient and cut down on the costs.

Craftsman 9-17562 Nextec Impact Driver Review

Craftsman 9-17562 Nextec is a Lithium battery-powered versatile right angle impact driver. This driver is portable and compact, allowing you to use it around the house and on the job. Great for small jobs that any other drill or screwdriver might find challenging. This driver is an excellent addition to any tool kit. Ergonomic design makes this power tool easy to use, even for longer periods of time, and thanks to its light weight anyone can handle it.​

Features of Craftsman 9-17562 Nextec​

Craftsman 9-17562 Nextec weighs 2 pounds and nicely fits in the hand. Its battery life holds up from 3 to 4 hours depending on the job at hand, and what must be noted is that some big jobs such as car repair might drain the battery faster than usual. Since it's small and handy, you can put it in your toolbox comfortably without it being too heavy to lug around.​

  • Torque - Motor in this impact driver delivers 700 inch/lbs torque. That value is the same whether you use it in forward or reverse gear. Even though it's high on numbers, this driver will keep your hand safe from distortions and twists. Its specially engineered mechanism nullifies any twisting action that other power tools have, and your hand won't be strained while using it.
  • Battery fuel gauge - Keep track of your battery power with this innovative gauge that alerts you of three stages of battery life. A green light indicates that battery is at full capacity, yellow light is shown when the battery reaches 50% and the red light indicates that the battery is below 10% and will soon need recharging.
  • Quick-Connect Clamp - This impact driver has a 6-millimeter large chuck. Working on the clamp principle, this chuck makes switching bits and tops on this driver fast and easy. This is very convenient since you get extra add-ons for this driver.
Advantages of Craftsman 9-17562 Nextec

  • LED light - Equipped with a high-quality LED light so you’re not bothered by insufficient lighting in the room or outside. It shines bright yellow and you will be able to handle all those jobs in dark corners and tight spaces. Perfect solution if there is an emergency late at night.
  • Add-ons - With this great product you also get 4 different attachments, so all your drilling and driving needs are taken care of. This great accessory saves you time and money because these parts were specially made for this impact driver. Thanks to this, the Craftsman Company is able to offer the most complete right-angle impact driver on the market.
  • Ergonomic model - This tool is thin and light, even with the battery attached to it. The special plastic material helps you to keep a better grip on the driver while working. It is made for one hand usage, focused on easy and full trigger control.

All buyers agree that this is great right-angle impact driver and they were satisfied with its performance, but some stated that forward/reverse switch is badly placed. It is easy to accidently hit the switch and reverse the drive. Note that these things can happen if you hold the driver too loose. A firm grip is highly advised.

Bottom Line​

Craftsman 9-17562 Nextec 12-volt Right-Angle Impact Driver is a great addition to your toolbox. With great performance-to-price ratio, this driver is great choice regardless of whether you are complete amateur or professional. Keep in mind that this driver is capable of reaching those tight corners and gaps while other impact drivers have problems doing the same.​

What to Look for in a Good Impact Driver

Not all impact drivers are made equal and that is why it is sometimes difficult to choose the one that will suit your need perfectly. There are, however, some key features that you need to consider when you are buying an impact driver and here they are in a convenient list:​

  • Size and weight – since you might end up using an impact driver for the entire day, you want to pick one that is both easy to handle and lightweight. Lightweight drivers are easily maneuverable, especially if they are ergonomically designed, and they will help reduce work-related fatigue in your arms.
  • Torque and RPMs – both of these metrics are quite important to consider when you are buying an impact driver. Remember that the larger the numbers, the more powerful the driver is. If you need it for some heavy-duty work, buy an impact driver with high torque and RPMs.
  • Reverse switch – Sometimes you need to screw in bolts, but other times you need to take them out. An impact driver that allows you to change directions will come in handy in the situations when you notice that the screw is not going in at a proper angle. Easy extraction makes for less frustration!
  • Light – Chances are that you will do some of your work in poorly lit places. Make sure that your driver is equipped with LED lights that can provide sufficient lighting.
  • Housing – make sure that the housing of your impact driver is made from quality materials that can withstand a beating. You will be using these on the some labor-intensive jobs, and if the housing is not up to snuff you will be in trouble. An impact driver that starts falling apart in the middle of the use is not a pretty sight, not to mention that it is also rather dangerous.