DEWALT DCF895D2 Impact Driver Review

DEWALT DCF895D2 is the most complete and versatile tool in the impact driver category. Constructed to fit in your hand, its ergonomic handle and long battery life will satisfy even the pickiest buyers. Having more power than any brush impact driver its performance and endurance is boosted by almost 60%. Coming with an accessory kit containing great range of additional parts, this driver will save you more money and time than any other impact driver.

Features of DEWALT DCF895D2​


DEWALT DCF895D2 weighs only 3.5 pounds, which makes it user-friendly, regardless of your age or gender. It comes with two batteries so you will be able to use it for longer periods of time with no need to stop and recharge. Having brushless motor makes this impact driver dominant in overall performance; for example, it has a more controlled velocity, keeping the whole body more stationary and less shaky when hitting higher torque.​

  • Chuck - Like no other, this 3-way chuck will give you a great feel when in use. To adjust the way of rotation all that is needed is one simple hand gesture. When you need to screw something in or out, you can make adjustments with a flick of a finger.
  • 3-speed variations – The most looked-at feature on all impact drivers is the speed control. Thanks to its brushless motor, this driver can offer 3 different speed variations, allowing great control over any task. You will be able to adjust it to any particular job and this makes it a 100% safe for both you and project surfaces.
  • Fuel gauge - To have full control over battery usage, DEWALT engineers constructed well-coordinated gauge that will help plan the time for the next project and to avoid getting stranded without power in the middle of the job.

Advantages of DEWALT DCF895D2

  • Compact kit - It includes a belt hook, 2 batteries, charger, kit box and accessory storage and saves a great amount of money and time. Light and easy to transport, this compact kit will come in handy whenever you use your DEWALT driver.
  • Batteries - Coming with a pair of batteries, this product gives you more than any competitor on the market. Even if you are used to only one battery, no matter how good they are at some point in time they will no longer function. In that case, you won't have to spend any money buying a new one because you already have a spare!
  • Ergonomic design - For easier handling during time-consuming projects this driver helps you out with its beautiful ergonomic design. It keeps its center of gravity well-balanced, and the battery doesn't shake it at all. This model was highly and rigorously tested to achieve absolute perfection.

Almost all buyers expressed their satisfaction of this impact driver. Some stated that the biggest problem was the rotation switch since it is placed near trigger so you can easily unintentionally change direction and unscrew something you already screwed. However, all that is needed is a bit more concentration when handling it to avoid that.

Bottom Line​

DEWALT DCF895D2 20V Max XR Lithium Ion Brushless 3-Speed 1/4-Inch Impact Driver is a great impact driver with a wide range of capabilities. Even though it is a bit pricey, what must be taken into account is that it doesn't come alone. When you calculate in the spare battery, charger, and complete toolkit, from a financial point of view, you are investing in a power tool that will save you money in the long run.​

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