OTC 4608 3/8″ Impact Driver Review

OTC 4608 3/8" Impact Driver is a great tool that will help you get around those stubborn screws in a matter of minutes. It is ergonomically designed to provide you with the easiest way of handling those problematic screws and finishing small jobs around the house. It comes with 8 different screwdriver tips and is extremely is very versatile. No matter how strong you are, you will not have problems using this impact driver.

Features of OTC 4608​

OTC 4608

OTC 4608 3/8" is small and compact. Easy to carry, it fits into any tool kit, bag or even your pocket. With a high focus on protection, it is constructed out of stainless steel with ergonomic plastic handle that will keep your hand safe from those pesky hammer hits that happen way too often! This driver is perfect for loosening any screws, nuts and bolts right before using any other power tool that will finish the job.​

  • Durable - This impact driver is made out of high-quality stainless steel. It can withstand heavy hits from any type of hammer and is highly resilient towards corrosion. Thanks to its superb make, you can count on it being a part of your toolkit for years to come.
  • Bit holder - You can use both cross and flat bits with this driver. Slot for the bits is 8 millimeters wide and 9 millimeters long. You can even use longer bits that help you extend your reach for the tricky screws.
  • Eight screwdriver bits - This product includes eight versatile screwdriver tips made for various types of jobs you might encounter. Four of them are cross (Phillips) bits, all in different sizes, and four flat ones. What must be noted is that you get 2 cross and 2 flat bits that help you lengthen the tool, allowing you to reach even farther.

Advantages of OTC 4608

  • Easy to use - OTC 4608 driver doesn't require a great amount of strength to use it. Made to excel in every task no matter what your capabilities are, makes it hand a great tool for anyone.
  • Affordable – Don’t make a mistake by judging this impact driver by its price. Even though its price is low the performance of this tool is astonishing.
  • Protective handle - This handle is made out of durable plastic material providing its user with a high level of protection. It is capable of withstanding any hammer hit and will allow you to faster loosen any type of screw. It is also ergonomically designed to nicely fit any hand.

The majority of buyers are very satisfied with this manual impact driver, but some noted that plastic handle isn't that durable. Have in mind that this product was primarily made for small jobs and as long as you stay within its limits you will not damage it.

Bottom Line

OTC 4608 3/8" Impact Driver is a great addition to any tool kit. Specially designed to help you loosen screws, this driver will quickly become an integral part of your workday. Very light and small, it fits any pocket or a bag. If you need a great manual impact driver than you don’t need to bother looking anywhere else!​

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